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It is believed that this stone strengthens emotionally and opens to the subconscious, as well as purifies intuition, thanks to which you can receive its clear message. It is also called the stone of lovers because it arouses feelings and intensifies the feeling of love. It is a "mystery stone", identified with female energy. When a woman has it, she becomes more attractive to those around her. It helps men achieve emotional balance. It awakens in them typically female features and feelings and helps to accept the female part of their nature

The energy of the moonstone reveals the inner beauty and truth that we hide deep in our hearts. It can be a great talisman for meditation on your own "I". With its help, it is easier to solve problems and find missing pieces of the puzzle. Its magical power helps to maintain health, cleanses lymph nodes, and eliminates swelling. The power of the stone has a strong connection with the female sex, it helps with female ailments, menstruation and hormonal disorders. Stimulate female organs, and supports fertility.

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