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Lapis Lazuli

It enhances intuitive perception and objectivity. If you are a man who often fights a battle between what the heart says and what the mind says, lapis lazuli will finally allow you to end it - this stone strongly harmonizes the heart and mind. Lapis-lazuli is also helpful in combating depression and anxiety, eliminates negative emotions and opens the door to self-acceptance. It is great for people developing spiritually - it brings clarity of mind, inner insight and emotional healing. It helps you connect with your Higher Self and your spiritual guides.

This extraordinary mineral will help you better understand your mind, broaden your perspective, bestow wisdom and allow you to develop spiritual love. It increases creativity, encourages courage, develops leadership skills and allows you to express yourself better. It has a peaceful influence and vibrations, have a calming effect, which is why it is perfect for working on yourself and your own spirituality. It provides a sense of inner strength, faith and hope, and also allows you to find courage, self-confidence and overcome inner shyness. Lapis lazuli is a stone that stimulates delicacy and gentleness and provides protection

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