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Elastic band collection

A collection of bracelets on an elastic band will perfectly fit into an everyday outfit as well as going out with friends or a party. Bangles are great as a birthday present or a gift for a loved one.

Secret Stone creates collections and gives incredible attention to detail, thanks to which each bracelet is made with precision and commitment.

Bracelets are available in various colors of stones and each of them has its own unique energies thanks to which we can work on our weaknesses and develop our abilities.

Bracelets with natural gemstones are assigned to the signs of the zodiac, thanks to which allows us to find the perfect color of the stone that will match our personality and complement our needs.

Through the vibrations that the stones emanate, we can feel a part of the universe, thanks to which we will become stronger emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The collection on an elastic band has bracelets made of stones such as: Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Rainbow Tourmaline, Sunstone, Amethyst, Jasper, Cordierite, Ruby, Phoenix Pine, Blue Quartz. Each bracelet consists of stones and stainless steel beads covered with 18-carat gold. The bracelet on an elastic band will adjust to any wrist, so you don't have to worry about its size.

Each bracelet is packed in a beautiful box decorated with our logo and inside it, you will find an individual description of each bracelet.

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