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Cleansing stones from negative energies

Stones are our amulets, in this case, your amulet will be a bracelet. To avoid losing its protective power, it should be cleansed of bad, negative energy and low vibrations. It is important to clean our amulets (bracelets) from time to time so that they do not lose their energy. When is the best time to do it? After stressful events when many negative thoughts overwhelmed you. After meeting people who emanated negative energy. When you feel that you have absorbed negative energies from other people. I will give you a few examples that are perfect for cleaning our bracelets; Cleaning stones with water; Water cleanses and nourishes our skin. Cold water has the same effect on stones. Stones are best cleaned in a waterfall, but if you don't have such an opportunity, it's okay. Cold tap water is also fine. Turn on the tap and rinse your stones Do not use any detergents, not even soap. Let the stones dry on their own. Stone cleansing with the sun's rays; Place your stones outside or simply on the windowsill so that the gentle rays of the sun reach them. It is worth combining this method with water purification. Then first water, then we let the stones dry in the sun. Full moon This is one of the most beautiful ways to cleanse stones. Clean the stone with water and then place it in a place where it can be cleansed by the light of the full moon. Purification of stones with the intention In each method of cleaning stones, the most important is the intention, i.e. saying out loud or in your mind the words "I am cleaning my stones". To the intention, it is really enough to add in the imagination a streak of bright light that purifies our stones. Such cleansing is as effective as the previous ones.

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