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Amethyst is a semi-precious stone and one of the most beautiful varieties of Quartz occurring in many shades of purple. Amethyst is called the "stone of harmony and relaxation." It restores balance to people prone to stress, brings peace and frees the mind from negative thoughts. It helps to deal with emotions, adds patience, frees you from everyday fatigue and problems, which in turn enables a strong and healthy sleep at night after a hard day. Amethyst may turn out to be a particularly valuable stone for people in responsible and high positions. Here, the ability to combine knowledge and experience with intuition is important, as well as a way of thinking that is free from patterns because each situation is significantly different from the previous one.

Professional activity can be equally creative and effective. The energy of Amethyst affects both these areas and combines them in the form of full professionalism of our work. There is no room for limitations, previous patterns of thinking or unhealthy attachment to things or people. The horizon of our development possibilities is broadened. Amethyst is also credited with helping to alleviate conflicts in personal and professional life, as well as cleaning places where we stay for a long time (offices, houses, shops) from negative energy accumulated there from various sources. This also applies to the sphere of sexual life - also in this area, thanks to frequent contact with the energy of Amethyst, we can show more fantasy, and consequently, give and receive more satisfaction.

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